Mark Steel Corporation


No one in the Rocky Mountain market builds more Refinery Vessels than Mark Steel.  At our facility, at any time, you may find us fabricating a Deisobutanizer, a FCC unit, an Alkylation Reactor, or a HF storage vessel.  Or all of these.  It is rare when you won’t find us building 4 to 6 significant refinery vessels simultaneously.

We are equipped to do this work.  Our facility has the largest PWHT Oven in Western North America, 15 fabrication bays, and 60 overhead cranes, including a 135 ton Gantry Crane.  This often provides Mark Steel a competitive advantage in meeting tight time demands.

Our professionals reflect Mark Steel’s focus on refining.  Early in his career, Mark Steel’s CEO, Jim Vemich, was head of Engineering at Amoco’s Sugar Creek, Missouri Refinery.  After leaving Amoco, Jim led turnarounds, upgrades, & fabrication in 30 U.S. Refineries

This experience has proven valuable to us and our refinery customers as we have
worked on complex, tight delivery refinery projects


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