Mark Steel Corporation

Quality & Qualifications

Mark Steels experience base gives us a unique advantage in meeting our customer’s needs.  True craftsmen tend to stay at companies where pride in workmanship is valued.  We see that in our workforce.

The average length of service for our professionals is 15 years.  All Mark Steel welders are ASME and AWS certified.  And, our work requires a large contingent of welders that are also CWS certified.

Mark Steel is justly proud of the Documentation packages we provide our customers, both for their timeliness and for their organization and content.  Our documentation packages are organized to promote easy traceability of any component of a finished product or any process performed during the fabrication of that product be it structural steel, ASME vessels, or any of the other products we fabricate.  This documentation packages ship either with the load or immediately after it.


Welding Professionals    Sophisticated Paint Endorsement

Welding Professionals                               Sophisticated Paint Endorsement


Quality Control     Inspection and Testing

Documentation Packages                        Inspection and Testing