Mark Steel Corporation

Stress Relief

Mark Steel operates one of the most significant Post-Weld Stress Relief operations in Western North America.  This reflects the demanding, extreme conditions of refining, mining, and industrial operations.

We have the equipment and the knowledgeable, experienced professionals to skillfully execute the stress relief process.  An effective Post-Weld Heat Treatment acts to increase resistance to brittleness fractures and improve metallurgical structures.  It is critical to the strength and life of the material.

With the size and complexity of vessels and structures fabricated at Mark Steel, our largest PWHT oven has an inner diameter of 24 foot by 24 foot and is 150 feet long.  It features 12 thermocouples and a maximum temperature of 1350 degrees F.  It is supported by a 150 ton Gantry Crane and rail.

This oven is the largest PWHT oven in Western North America.