Mark Steel Corporation

Salt Lake City Facilities

Mark Steel’s facility is not small.  We have 15 large fabrication bays, 60 overhead cranes, and 250,000 square feet under roof.  We have a 150-ton Gantry Crane and the largest Post-Weld Heat Treat oven in Western North America.

What does this space mean to you?  It means that we have the flexibility to use this space in many ways in managing significant projects and meeting demanding time requirements.  We can lay out your project in a way to maximize our efficiency.  When time matters, we can respond.

Because we fabricate complex vessels, plate work, and structural steel, we are well equipped to perform this work.  Yet, we want to discuss certain specific capabilities:

Mark Steel utilizes a MasterGraph cutting system with a hypertherm graphic user interface.   Using its plasma cutting capability, it will execute a clean cut through 2-inch plate.  Using oxy fuel, it is capable of a highly accurate cut with minimum kerf through 10-inch plate.

Our facility has a Peddinghaus parts duplication system and a highly efficient drill line capable of three axis drilling.  The drill line is featured on the Structural Fabrication page.


Fabrication Bays        Plasma Cutting Table    CNC Beam Line