Mark Steel Corporation

Plate Fabrication

Working together with Client Engineers, Mark Steel completed this remarkable project on schedule.

As of the Fall of 2013, this is the largest above ground Thickener in North America.  Teamwork was essential to meet the exacting tolerance requirements; the design was robust and the multi-faceted fabrication (Proven by a trial fit of 1/32nd of the Thickener) was precise.


Demonstrated Expertise:

Custom SF(15)    Custom SF(51)    Custom SF(22)    Tube Sheet - go into cooling furnaces and heat expansion furnaces

Th(13)    Th(14)    Th(19)    Th(1)


     Stress Relief         Safety

                               PWHT and Stress Relief                          Safety


      Sophisticated Paint Endorsement 2         Facilities

                                               Paint                                      Plate Facilities