Mark Steel Corporation

A New Flag to Celebrate the 4th!

July 7, 2014



Our flag is the symbol of our country, and in honor of our Nation’s birthday, Mark Steel respectfully retired a well-used and well-loved flag.

One that had witnessed the commitment and loyalty of our employees as well as the dedication and passion of its management.  Flying over our Salt Lake facility, it beheld millions of tons of steel as it passed through our gates.

The Blue in our flag stands for valor which our ancestors fought and died for in the many battles that we as a nation have encountered.

The White stands for the purity in all of our hearts. It also represent the honor that each of us should show in all that we do in our everyday lives.

The Red stands for the courage of all of the men and women who have died in the service of our country, both as members of the armed forces and as everyday citizens.

At Mark Steel, we strive to hold true to the values that our Flag represents. We value the sacrifices that have been made for our flag and the country that it represents.

We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy Fourth of July Celebration!